with Eleanor

What inspired your career journey?

A combination of a love of live music and a love of outdoor gatherings… and a total disregard for the boring, run of the mill event companies that churn out the same package again and again.

What are your trend predictions for 2016?

A more relaxed attitude to events. More and more of our corporate clients are looking for an alternative to formal conferencing. Even banqueting style dining is taking a back seat to the new wonderful emerging trend of quirky and imaginative food market grazing. A much more informal, relaxing way for your staff to network. We’re seeing a shift in staff wellbeing. Companies are looking for imaginative, innovative ways to keep their staff engaged and our hand-tailored approach to team building is more in demand than ever. Immersive theatre and music events. It’s time to take part!

Do you live by any motto or philosophy?

Work hard, play hard.

What would your best piece of advice be for someone beginning his or her planning journey?

Don’t underestimate the small things. They’re often the things that sneak up and bite you on the bum…

What's your favourite season, why?

Summer! Although our events span the seasons – think open air ice-skating Christmas disco complete with DJ, reindeer skin rugs, frozen vodka bars and fire bowls... Summer is the reason we’re doing what we do!

P.S and just for reference, what's your favourite word in the English language?