with Charlotte

What inspired your career journey?

I have a degree in womenswear fashion design and have always worked within creative fields. I felt working with flowers was a natural progression.

What are your trend predictions for 2016?

Flower wise, The natural style of floristry is still proving very popular with many of my clients but I am open to a myriad of different floristry styles and love a creative challenge.

Do you live by any motto or philosophy?

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

4.What would your best piece of advice be for someone beginning his or her planning journey?

Be sociable and as friendly as possible and always act with integrity. Also be clear with your boundaries and manage client expectations as clearly as possible.

wild wood london

What's your favourite season, why?

Summer, all my favourite flowers are in season in the summer months.

P.S and just for reference, what's your favourite word in the English language?

Minutiae, hardly a romantic word but the smallest details are so important and reflective of the service we aim to provide for all clients.