“Pop Up”. The Source picks the ones not to miss!

pop up bar
“Pop Up” is admittedly an overused term. Who Cares! However you label them, there’ll always be innovative chefs, designers, musicians, bartenders, artists, actors and more turning up in unexpected locations to do what they do best: making life more random and enjoyable for everyone.

Which can only ever be a good thing. And so, in this spirit, here we are: October 2015 in London, The Source takes a look at a few of the more unusual “Pop Ups” on offer.


A champagne bubble bath pop up launched by Bathstore opening at Arch 406, Shoreditch on 7-8th Oct, 6-9pm. guests will enjoy butler service to their own bubble bath pods, serving champagne and choosing from a menu of bath oils, petals and bath bombs. On offer are baths for one, or larger ones for up to 3 people! (We havent quite got our heads round this idea). To book your bath email here, please send in photos if you try this one out!

Sunday Best

Potatoes galore! This is one for carb-lovers, a pop up created by Mc Cains are serving up a spud heavy menu including potato kebabs and roast dinner sundaes. The talking point is a gravy dipping fountain -sounds glorious! Book your tickets for Oct 23rd- Mayfair.

Lyles Self Service Breakfast Cafe

Lyles Golden Syrup is launching a pop up cafe serving porridge and pancakes, and in return for a smiley selfie on social media you wont have to pay a penny. YES – Its FREE! The pop up can be found at 44 Bedford St WC2E 9HA Oct 6-8th 7.30-11.30am

The Heart And Lung Convenience Store.

Rather than the usual convenience store staples of ready salted crisps and bags of Haribo, the Heart and Lung Convenience Store will house a collection of interactive exhibits and installations exploring modern medicine. Visitors can play heart and lung lottery, create a 3D print of a section of a vein or artery, or select a pick ‘n’ mix of microbial species that live in our lungs – which is way more exciting than a packet of gummy bears, right? They’ll also be hosting talks, workshops and events including a heart and lung-themed pub quiz. Kings Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9HW.  October 19–November 1.


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