Pizza GoGo launch the ultimate gold pizza – but how do you prefer your gold?

gold pizzagogo

A tasty pizza topped with shrimp, lobster as well as truffle oil; except this one has a slight twist, it costs a mega £500. You may be asking yourself at this point “how on earth could a pizza come to such an excruciating price?” Well, Pizza GoGo have created a pizza topped with 23 carrot gold flakes sprinkled upon it as if it were parmesan cheese. Crazy you would think but this average restaurant genuinely believe people will be tempted to splash out tons of cash on what should be no more than bread covered in tomato sauce and cheese. Although along with the dish you are presented with a butler service provided, and a VIP red carpet up to your front door. It is not hard to make an easy assumption that this wouldn’t be a regular football thursday night take away but the experience itself is surely one to ponder on, wouldn’t you agree?

Or would you rather wear your gold instead of eating it? Be it for a special occasion, the final piece that completes an outfit – or as an accessory to a bag, phone or dare I say – tooth (anyone remember Mick Hucknall from Simply Red?) there is no doubt that as a source of inspiration, bespoke jewellery is a winner. The Source can highly recommend our partner brand Jamie London, known for unique, timeless pieces of jewellery, loved by all who have the pleasure of wearing them.

The choice is yours!

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