Party Showstopper – A Little Party Never Killed Nobody!


Everyone loves a party showstopper but what to do to achieve one?…”And Five, Six, Seven, Eight”…the lights are down, the music starts and fills the air, the artists enter the room, audience is silent, breathless with anticipation. The show begins. It’s formidable. It’s unforgettable. Is it the theatre? No it’s the latest in entertainment at any party that’s worth talking about today!

The “talked-about-function” used to encompass a simple melange of fantastic food and music, good company and a couple of speeches. But long gone are the roaming cartoonist, the portrait station, the face painting! Parties today can be breath-taking, dramatically unique, more decadent than ever before, barring certain periods in French history!

Conjure up an event where guests are surprised, tantalized and scintillated by different activities or acts or exhibits; or anything that is unexpected. Where guests are shaken out of the familiar party-template that we’ve have learnt to recognise. It instantly elevates a traditional affair to “an experience”, making the evening automatically unforgettable. To conceptualise such festivities, you’ll need to think out of the box, let your imagination soar and blow your guests away, Jay Gatsby stylee!

What the industry calls a “party showstopper” can take any form, from integrating something unusual into a regular function must-have like (like cocktails), all the way to an act for the pure entertainment of your guests. For an injection of drama into the norm there are aerial bartenders, acrobats who spin and glide and hover above the guests, both amazing them and topping up their champagne glasses! This fulfills the function of waiter as well introducing a taste of the extraordinary, of whimsy. A spectacle, if you will. For pure entertainment there are the shows. Actual theatrical acts that are hired to entertain the old-fashioned way, although there is nothing old-fashioned about what’s out out there at the moment! Think Cirque du Soleil, think Vegas, think razzmatazz……don’t think! Just be awe-inspired.

“The Dueling Pianos” are having a huge comeback stateside at present. Two professional pianists and entertainers on two grand pianos, singing old favourites, telling jokes and encouraging the audience to sing along and interact. Sounds kitsch, yes. But it forces us to coin the phrase “kitsch-cool” because it’s resurgence here is phenomenal! Prefer less interaction? Or catering for a younger audience? LED Free Runners are the latest in party showstoppers, a free-running parkour team in LED-lit suits (imagine the effect in the dark!) who will amaze guests with their stunts. Based on Frank Sauers’ “Light Emitting Dudes” and glowing like futuristic beings, they fly around amazing people as they become streaks of light racing around in a blaze of neon. It’s utterly awe-inspiring to watch!

Feel the need for more interactive options for your guests? Are you ready…

How about the Aroma DJ? We know certain scents activate different memories, so ensure your night will be forever remembered using an ‚Äėaroma laboratory‚Äô! Exciting DJs blend together different oils, incense and real pheromones, thereby managing the “vibes of the dancefloor by mixing a seamless blend of scents!‚ÄĚ. Brilliant for corporate events and product launches!

Still dealing with senses, how about some ultra-sonic vaporisation? Hire the astonishing and mouth-watering Edible Mist Orbs from Lick Me, I’m Delicious. These metal orbs on stands emanate inhalable micro mist which you suck up through a straw to get an instant zero calorie flavour hit – and the range is endless, from dark rum to toasted marshmallow to bubblegum or whatever lends itself to the theme of your evening. It’s like fairy-dust on an already awesome celebration! Then there’s taking “taste” show-stoppers to the literal. We’ve all heard of the latest “walls of flowers” to decorate specific areas of a venue, how about a Wall of Doughnuts? An edible party showstopper. Beautiful, fun, interactive, delicious. The End.

If it all gets too much and you need some guidance from industry experts, get in touch with Diamond Esq Productions, the primo party showstopper organisers. They represent world class acts and create spectacular shows that range from absolutely exquisite burlesque and cabaret dancers to body painted hostesses (always easy on the eye!), to angle grinders and breakdancers (very popular for bar-mitzvahs).Diamond Esq “work closely with wedding planners and clients to ensure we get the entertainment just right” and who wouldn’t want a stilt-walker welcoming your guests or a team of acrobats during dessert? Does it get more wondrous than that?

So breathe some “Lights! Camera! Action!” into your event, bring in the stunt teams and let the show begin! Unforgettable personified. Pure and simple.

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