Pantone colours for 2017? Kale Yeah!!

pantone colours

Pantone colours for 2017? Kale Yeah!!

The Pantone colours for Spring 2017 have been released and as always there’s a scramble from every creative industry to follow the movement. These chromatic hues, and their different tones, are highlighted internationally on runway fashion collections, beauty styles, interior decor, even wedding floral trends.

Niagara Blue, Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut and Kale are the basis of next years trending shades. Yes. Kale!! Might sound drab but the overriding feel of this 10-color palette is relaxation, regeneration, the great outdoors and healthy living. These muted tones of peaceful, warm, earthy colors are underlined by pops of bright, refreshing tints. Amongst others, meet the confident and strong Lapis Blue, the vibrant Greenery and the Pink Yarrow (a beet hue). These signify reinvigoration, stimulation and adrenalin and are complimentary to the more subdued  pigments.

So whether it’s in advertising, on buildings or shoes, be prepared to revel in a more tranquil spring in 2017, with the occasional interruption of a Flame colour. As for our favourite superfood, I say “Let them eat kale!”.

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