8 ways to make your party memorable!

8 ways to make your party memorable

8 ways to make your party memorable.

The source is absolutely delighted to be featured in Event industry News. We all want to create the most memorable party, one that your guests will remember long after its over, so we have compiled our 8 key components to raise the bar from ordinary to super incredible!

From music, food to party-favours, entertainment, photography and much more in between, the brilliance is all in the detail. Think food stalls, ambience, and DIY desserts. Long gone are the traditional photobooths, personalisation is the key – customise and have forever memories on your guests fridge.

Why not hire a showstopper, the sky is the limit. From champagne pouring ariel bartenders to edible mist machines, interactive flash mobs and aroma DJ’s who pump essential oils onto the dance floor.

There really are so many options and they don’t all have to cost a fortune. Guests are so appreciate of all the little details, and will always appreciate a party where all their needs are considered.

Read the full article in  Event Industry News and get that extra inspiration that we all crave to create that absolute WOW!


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