Looking ahead, Weddings 2016 trend report – Part 2

trend report

Welcome to part 2 of our 2016 wedding trend report, written by the brains and beauty, previously behind Q Bride, the expert creative team at Quintessentially Weddings. Check out Part 1 here.


Speeches first: I’ve been to a couple of weddings now with the speeches out of the way before the wedding breakfast is served, and have to say it works. Shorter, more coherent and meaningful speeches make for genuine laughter and sweet weepy moments.


A little blind embossing here (raised or relief colourless typography in the same colour as the ground paper), a little monogram custom designed by your graphic design buddy there on the napkins. Branding your wedding transforms it into something chic.


The new yuppie design trend could be described as the biggest change in contemporary design: at first, it’s hard to see how this relates to gorgeous, gorgeous weddings, but hear me out. Next year’s top pantones are a breath of fresh air – delicate, lighter, fun even. From the peachy pink of Rose Quartz to soothing lilac grey, Iced Coffee or Snorkel Blue to the English summer sky reminiscent blue (ha!) of Serenity there is a lightness of touch and new sophistication in these tones that marries perfectly with nuptials. Mixing materials such as glossy marble with blonde woods, haphazard ceramics with brassy toned metals feels thoughtful, honest and elegant at once but is in-keeping with the touchstones of the “new vintage” look that has prevailed for so long in that it is focused on natural materials and is about beauty that outlives the wedding itself. Add a dash of marbled stationery with some lovely papergoods from the likes of Eagle Eyed Bride or Ruth Kaye Design. Or opt for bare wood tables topped with linen runners in powder blue. Mismatching handmade ceramics are all very well in the home, but could end up looking messy at a large wedding so pick and choose your crafted elements for a chic interpretation.


Making formal photographs look anything other than brittle is not easy. Luckily, with the advent of Instagram, Gifs (look up It’s the Flash Pack) and aerial photography thanks to Drones (talk to Bloomsbury films about their latest techy stuff) wedding photography is undergoing the next transformation after the natural, reportage-style revolution.


Cake may be increasingly revert to tiered, traditional type. But choose yours from fashion industry favourites Jade Jackman and Andrea Gamble’s Eat Me Maybe or Domino Purchas and it will be anything other than predictable.

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