Cakes go naked!


If you spent the last year watching shows like Cake Boss and Amazing Wedding Cakes to get ideas for your one-of-a-kind wedding cake then we’re sorry to tell you that you wasted your time!  Wedding cakes are getting a massive make-under this year and the latest trend is for naked cakes.  Now, don’t go thinking that means the cake is bare, boring and therefore tasteless.  It’s just the opposite.  It means that the beauty of the cake shines through as you can see all the gorgeous colours and fillings within – without layers of buttercream and fondant (that most people take off anyway) covering up the good bit.  You can get really creative with your flavours like dulce de leche, pistachio, salted pretzel, cheesecake layers, fruit purees, red velvet and chocolate malt (to name just a few).  These rustic, stripped back cakes can be decorated with fresh flowers, fruit, cookie crumbs, chocolate chips, pretzels – and not a bit of fondant in sight.  The trend started stateside so if you’re planning on a naked wedding cake this year then you’ll be among the first in the UK.

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