Let there be Light- Lumiere London 2016

lumiere london

January, the month that typically brings post festive dark feelings as well as literal darkness (just look out the window at 3;45 PM and you’ll know what we mean) is about to get a whole lot brighter. In an effort to shed some illumination on gloomy London, a UK art collective presents a light festival just when the capital city needs it most. 

Lumiere London is a free outdoor light festival that will take place on the evenings of 14-17 January from 6:30-10:30 PM in locations including Oxford Circus,  Regent Street and Trafalgar Square, among others. The festival includes not to be missed light sculptures that are meant to transform the urban landscape into something etherial and are sure to stir up emotions in visitors of all ages.

 Nowhere is the transformative power of light more evident than its presence at a party. Playful and colourful lighting can turn any venue into a magical setting as the company Light up Letters has proven time and time again. What better way to set the tone of a festive evening than with gigantic light up letters that spell PARTY, LOVE or perhaps the names of the people being celebrated? Another great source of light done right is Aca-Live, a powerhouse of creativity that can imbue your party with ambience via lighting techniques.

Be inspired by the light festival, and create your own bespoke celebration that will set your guests aglow.

ukr urban lights ruhr 2014
ukr urban lights ruhr 2014
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