Let the good times (sushi) roll

Why ask your guests to get up to choose their food when it can come right to them?  Think Bruce Forsythe’s Generation Game.  Think Yo! Sushi.  Then think about having a sushi conveyor belt of your very own at your next event thanks to our brand partner Sushi Rolls. 

Their hi-tech conveyors come in all shapes and sizes and you don’t just have to use them for sushi – you could use them for drinks, canapés, bowl food, delicious deserts or even for product displays at a launch event.  If you prefer your food to stay static then Sushi Rolls can provide amazing displays on a sushi bar created by expert chefs either in full view of your guests or behind the scenes.  They also do deliveries all over London of colourful sushi platters…and have even delivered as far as Leeds! 

David Jenkins, the man behind Sushi Rolls, has told The Source that people are becoming more daring with their sushi choices, as well as the way they serve it, and he’s seeing the trend move towards more unusual fish.  He commented, “Common fish like salmon and tuna are being replaced with more interesting varieties like eel, red snapper and jack mackerel.  We really love to experiment with new ingredients but we draw the line at using fugu!”  For those that don’t know, the Japanese delicacy fugu, which is a pufferfish, can be more poisonous than cyanide if prepared incorrectly. 

For more shocking sushi stats see https://sushirolls.co.uk/uncategorized/sushi-surprises-six-shocking-facts-japans-1-dish?hvid=1M98A9

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