Let it glow – The Magical Lantern Festival.

the magical lantern festival

If you weren’t fortunate enough to experience last month’s light festival in London (called Lumiere), we’ve got good news:  now though 6 March you can bask in the glow of the Magical Lantern Festival in London’s Chiswick House and Gardens. The installation celebrates the Chinese New year and will stimulate your senses not only through light but a wide variety of international cuisine as well.  Why should you venture out on a blustery evening to see some little red paper orbs lit up from the inside out?? Because these are not those lanterns. These are extraordinary sculptures of elephants and peacocks, dragons and baby pandas frolicking in bamboo sticks, even a multi storey house complete with windows and stairs— and they are all lanterns.

The aptly named festival— for light is, indeed, magical— indicates the continued importance of luminescence in our lives. We crave it’s power to energize, comfort, heal, soothe and to elevate any event to another level entirely. 

ACA Live harnesses the power of light for its clients, transforming events into magical experiences with their expert use of lighting and set design. They specialize in helping clients see their wildest visions come to life, ensuring that guests feel they’ve been transported to another place altogether. 

Light Up Letters helps event hosts express themselves in the most memorable way- though giant, personalised illuminated letters and symbols. The letters add instant fun to any celebration and clearly set the tone for your event.  Words like PARTY or LOVE spelled out in enormous lit up letters literally inform guests about what brought them to the gathering in the first place!

The Magical Lantern Festival is definitely the way to light up the cold dark winter nights!

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