Kitchen Cupboard To Cocktail, The Gingerbread!

Kitchen cupboard to cocktail

It’s that time of year where the nights are drawing in rapidly and the weather is starting to look a little bleak.  You are probably finding you have a lot of spare time kicking around indoors, so that being said, why not turn you sights on the kitchen cupboards.  Oh no don’t worry we aren’t talking about adding winter flab or slaving over a stove for hours.  We are talking our favourite language, the liquid (cocktails) kind of language. Our Kitchen cupboard to cocktail series has started and will be updating you with the latest flavours and ideas to try monthly.

These are creative and convenient ways to have a little fun, get cosy, and rustle up some delicious  cocktails that will wow everyone and are ready in less an hour so you can spend timing enjoying them. These are all assembled from seasonal ingredients that may be stashed away at the back of your cupboards or easily sourced locally for quick cocktail creations!!

Kitchen cupboard to cocktail: Create your own syrups!

Simple syrups help cocktails come alive, with their subtle sweetness and herbaceous or fruity notes they can be comfortably crafted in your kitchen within minutes. We have a straightforward syrup recipe below for you to tinker around with accompanied with quintessential cocktails to match those sweet seasonal creations.

Best to get scouring those cupboards as first up is an Autumn flavour favourite; Gingerbread, this syrup underpins the spicy and warming notes that makes our Gingerbread Smash Cocktail, well smashing!!. It’s definitely one for all the whiskey lovers and cols cosy autumn evenings in.

The homemade Gingerbread syrup includes;

2 cups water 

1 ½ cups granulated sugar 

2 ½ teaspoons ground ginger (or fresh ginger) 

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 

½ teaspoon vanilla extract 

And is crafted by;

Combine all of the above ingredients in a saucepan and bring to boil. 

Then reduce the heat and simmer for approx. 15 minutes, ensuring to stir every couple of minutes or so.

After 15 minutes, cover the saucepan and leave to cool. 

This will make enough syrup for around 6 Gingerbread smash cocktail.

Following on from your syrupy assault, grab a whisky, maybe hubby’s single malt…wink wink or whatever else is catching dust in the alcohol cupboard then,

A generous measure of this whisky (35ml) orange juice (35ml), lime juice (10ml) and your lovingly made gingerbread syrup (20ml), all go into a cocktail shaker and are shaken together, then poured over ice. Please feel free to garnish however you see fit. Our suggestions would be orange peel, a cinnamon stick or even a mini gingerbread man can garnish!!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy a smashing creation that all came from a little kitchen shuffling and shaking with a bit of sugar and ginger!

Recipe and blog post is from our partner brand Liquidchefs. Providing you with Designer Bars, barmen and sophisticated drinks for any event you are planning!

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