Jeans Jacket – Undercover Denim for Men

How the jeans jacket is a must-have for that men’s layered look.

The jeans jacket in every mans wardrobe is the new cardigan, a look that has sprinted straight off the runway and into everyday life! But how does this must-have item keep you warm in autumn/winter? Simple. That old layering trick! Don’t think of it as outerwear, rather it’s just another layer.

Think seasonally, the most summery layers go on first, the shirt or t-shirt or polo shirt. The sweatshirt and the autumnal jeans jacket come next, followed by the big winter coat. The denim jacket should fit snugly so as to be able to fit under any coat one owns. The outer coat could be anything from a pea-coat, a puffa jacket, your leather biker jacket or even a winter trench coat. Classy.

Wear the jacket open for a less bulky look or do up the top buttons only a la David Beckham – either way you’ll look bleeding-edge cool this winter, or is it warm? This should be the most versatile all year round, piece you own. All the better to break it in faster!


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