Pantone colours 2016

pantone colours 2016

When the Pantone colours¬†of the season are released, there isn’t a single creative-based¬†industry that doesn’t follow. Fact. The colour palette for this season includes eight¬†chromatic shades in¬†all their hues from Iced Coffee to Flash Green but are¬†headed¬†by the main two: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.¬†

These two colours,¬†combined or on their own in different tones, are ubiquitous¬†right now, from runway fashion¬†collections¬†to wedding florals. We see them in fashion, in interior¬†decor, in food decor,¬†in travel advertising, fabric, leather, nail¬†polish, hair extensions….everywhere! The List goes on, whether we are aware of it or not. Invite a bit of Serenity in your life¬†and go crazy for Quartz because these are the trending¬†shades to live by in the chilled summer of¬†2016!

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