Inspiration, Table Decoration

Table decoration takes many forms – and there is little doubt that they play a major part in any event WOW! Do table decoration though, always need to be expensive? Of course not, but with the rise of Instagram and Pinterest – the bigger challenge for clients, is to understand that whilst a picture speaks a thousand words, the creation isn’t as easy or as simple, as “I want one just like that”.

Our resident Planner, Aron Schlagman of WHiTEPAPER explains that “nowadays, and with a drive to ensure that clients are always able to realise their own creative event vision, there is great value in having an alternative suggestion up your sleeve – a somewhat more refined and budget conscious method of creating the same thing. The option of “you can’t afford it” is no real option at all – and part of what I love about the design stages of an event are the collaborations that are created in order to find a solution to the perfect balance of what the client wants and what the client ends up with.

Aron shares some recent table decoration images that caught his eye – all of which can quite easily be tailored to any event and will leave guests impressed. The final thought? – “simple is sometimes so very much nicer” says Aron.

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