Ice Cream Tacos – the latest desert trend.

ice cream tacos

Come and meet Mexico for the latest desert trend! The US has gone wild for ice cream tacos, from food trucks to weddings, the sweet taco is exploding. Made of anything from graham crackers  (good old digestives) to red velvet biscuit to peanut brittle, or a regular waffle shell, the taco is the “cone” for any flavour ice cream on offer. Then the cherry on top….your choices don’t end there, now you must decide which dipping you prefer from as many options as you can imagine! Imagine that! The entire taco gets dipped into anything from chopped pistachios, to melted chocolate, to mini M&M’s, to colourful hundreds and thousands, lavender syrup, ANYTHING!! Now figure out an elegant way to eat it!

So come on peeps!! Get innovative with your summer desert tables and get your ARIBA on!

ice cream taco

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