How to choose the perfect engagement ring

how to pick the perfect engagement ring

Lewis Malka our in house diamond expert, jewellery designer and newly acclaimed author of the book ‘How to choose the perfect engagement ring and get it right first time’ shares a few wise words for all those Valentines lovers out there.

First up, when assessing which style of ring to purchase – we have the current, and ever popular design – The halo. The centre stone a lot of people are using is in fact a modern brilliant cut (round) however the twist is that they are having it in a cushion shaped setting. It gives a classical old style look as the cushion cuts were popular many years ago, probably as far back as the 1940’s, yes retains great sparkle in the modern round diamond. This gives maximum wow factor to all who are admiring it. 

Secondly, if you don’t want to go with a design which could fade in a few years, then I suggest you pick out a classical solitaire ring in a claw setting for maximum impact, yet 100 percent subtlety. The single stone ring never dies and is a great way to show off that one rock on the hand of the one you love.

I do believe research and understanding is key when picking a diamond and knowledge of the 4Cs is fundamental. In summary a good balance between colour and clarity will see you on the winning road to that perfect diamond. You can blend a high colour, say an F, with a medium clarity, say Si. This will ensure the diamond is nice and bright and there are no inclusions that the naked eye can see.

I think one of the overriding factors for any diamond ring purchase is that – as the saying goes, it is forever – and with that, comes the need to ensure that you love it almost as much as the person giving it to you :o) “

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how to pick the perfect engagement ring

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