How to pick an engagement ring!

how to pick an engagement ring

You have decided to propose to your girlfriend -congratulations! Whether you have decided to pick it yourself as a suprise or design it together, you are about to embark on an intimidating journey into the world of diamond selection.

Before you decided this, you probably thought all diamonds look the same – a shiny rock on a pretty band that cost a fortune.

After you start looking around you will discover that there are actually a million options to choose from when it comes to selecting an engagement ring. The size, the shape, the colour, the band is all rather mind boggling. Do you buy online, a high street retailer or bespoke from an independent in Hatton garden itself?

Is their a secret to buying the perfect engagement ring? Well apparently so, according to Lewis Malka. Lewis Malka is owner/founder of Lewis Malka London. Lewis specialises in diamond jewellery and design. his individual approach to premium jewellery sets him head and shoulders above the competition. A member of the esteemed diamond bourse, he is certainly more than qualified to guide you through everything you need to know when picking that special ring and get you started on your diamond journey.


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