Hello Sailor! All aboard the latest beauty trend!

Hello Sailor by Lipstick queen

Hello Sailor by Lipstick Queen

Just when you think you’ve tried every gloss slash lipstick there is, debated the pros and cons of matte vs. shine endlessly, and personally own most of Selfridges beauty hall, a new idea is unleashed on the market and blows the industry apart. From the innovative creator of the Jeans Queen lipgloss (yes really, a shade that is made to flatter any skin tone wearing denim), comes the newest trend for your lips, a conditioning lip gloss with absolutely no hint of stickiness or gloop. Say Hello Sailor to the newest technology by Lipstick Queen!

The gloss follows the phenomenal success of Hello Sailor lipstick, which first made waves back in 2013. Poppy King introduces a new way to wear this ‘naughty-cool’ shade. Hello Sailor Lip Gloss is a sheer, shimmering and lip plumping gloss in the same head-turning and long-lasting navy sapphire shade. It includes a formula of lip plumping, from Maxi-lip, a natural peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis, and conditioning, with nourishing Meadow Seed Oil, moisturizing Shea Butter, Omega 3, 6 and 9 and anti-oxidant Vitamin E.

What gives this lip-trend the edge is the extraordinary topaz blue color. This morphs on the lips into a flattering pinky mauve and the additional blue pearl shimmer will make your teeth and the whites of your eyes appear whiter and brighter. And it works. Truly.
I remember finding something similar a few years ago in Florida but it was discontinued by the company and it was crazy-sticky! Hello Sailor, contrarily, feels more like a serum than a gloss, so your hair doesn’t stick to it in the wind – a test that few glosses pass. That, along with the gorgeous flat feel of the tube which fits un-bulkily in clutch bags,
I think I’ve found my new fave make-up must-have for this season!

Available from Space NK for £22

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