The Source Edit – 5 Unusual Guestbook Ideas

Guestbook Ideas

The idea of a guestbook at a wedding (or any event) is a beautiful and traditional one, if a tad passé – sorry! So why not update the concept and use innovative methods which still capture the sentiments of your guests on such an important occasion?

Here are a few of our proposals for guestbook ideas: 

The Globe – whether a real world globe or a customised one with your name and date on it, it’s novel way to have your guests sign and celebrate your future adventures together. 

The Quilt – guests sign either an already-made quilt with permanent markers or individual fabric squares, which will be made into a quilt at a later date. You could also have the quilt itself match the wedding colors at the event – nice touch.

The Message in a Bottle – literally. Friends and family write their hopes and wishes for you on little notes which are then inserted into a bottle and sealed. Mention the anniversary or occasion on which the bottle will be opened to help inspire people.

Silver Tray or Candlesticks – you’d have to get an electric etcher for this one, but the creative  value is off the charts. Guests get to carve their message on a drinks tray or your smart candlesticks and silver lasts for generation – always a bonus.

The Practical Option – have guests sign a piece that will be used practically and often such as a table, a travel trunk, a lampshade or even a guitar. This way you’re reminded of the festivities on a daily basis, a touching notion and an inventive one. And most of these can be varnished later for condition purposes.

Imagination has no limit and nor do the variety of options in terms of your party’s guestbook. So go bonkers, find something that is significant to you, and get it signed! Just make sure it’s not a perishable or washable item!!

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