Grand slam cocktail – The Wimbledon Smash

wimbledon cocktail

The oldest tennis tournament in the world and the most popular sporting event ever, Wimbledon, is coming to a close this weekend. What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon tuning into the finals in the summer sunshine than with a cocktail in your hand. According to the stats during the course of the championship 200,000 Pimms cups and 20,000 bottles of champagne are served at the matches.

Britian’s bars this weekend are ready to mark wimbledon with the Murray Martini, the Federer Fizz, Strawberry Fields and the Djokovic Daquiri. We asked our partner brand – Liquid chefs to share their signature Wimbledon cocktail with us for you to enjoy.

Think tennis games in the 50s. Slices of fresh cucumber and kiwi fruit
muddled with simple syrup, topped with fresh cloudy apple juice, vodka and
a splash of fresh lemon. A refreshing, crisp cocktail served short over
cubed ice.

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