First the Cronut & now a Bruffin!

A Bruffin you say, what’s a Bruffin? As national doughnut week takes over the UK, our U.S correspondent, Anick Sinclair looks at what is coming next!

” We’re all aware of the pastry-hybrid craze that’s been sweeping London from the US. Yes, yes, we’ve all heard of the Cronut – the delicious, albeit fried, cross between the croissant and the doughnut. But let’s have a TA-DA moment for Bruffin! The brioche and the muffin cross-breed is reaching cult-status in Manhattan. It’s rather a flaky but firm pastry filled with anything from Bacon & Maple Syrup to Tiramisu! For a hearty breakfast or your next birthday party, get your Bruffin Bruv’! – Soon at a bakery near you.

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