Pop Goes The Dessert Edible Balloons


Balloons have become much more than just decoration…

Creative culinary chefs in Chicago have come up with a revolutionary and fun dessert ‚Äď edible helium balloons.¬† They can be found exclusively at the world renowned restaurant Alinea, known for combining food, science and art.¬†

The green apple flavoured ‚Äėballoons‚Äô are delivered to the table weighted down with a beautifully designed silver pin and diners can either suck out the helium (whatever age you are, this always elicits a chuckle or two!) and then eat the actual balloon and its string, or they can pop the balloon before eating.¬†

We’re sure that some aspiring Heston Blumenthal will be producing these in the UK soon so keep a lookout.  But if this gastronomic explosion is taking things a little too far for your guests then try serving dessert with a helium balloon attached, you can even get the balloons printed with your event logo.

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