Event Cinematography

Event Cinematography might seem a bit far fetched when¬†you’ve got a photographer at hand and you’ve hired a photo¬†booth, but rest assured nothing comes close to watching your¬†party after the event! The feeling, the buzz, how we moved, who¬†we spoke to, who danced with whom – these are details that will¬†be recorded for prosperity and can be revisited countless times¬†with event cinematography. The fun and excitement of re-watching yourself never peters out!

Our event cinematography companies approach weddings and events with creativity, passion, and expertise. It is imperative that they listen to the clients needs and expectations for the day, hence by-passing any disappointment later on. You must consult with the person who will actually be filming beforehand, so that he understands your style and vision (especially corporate films) and more importantly timings. Will you need him to tape all 5 hours of the party? Would you like him at more than one location throughout the day? How many cameras are needed (depending on numbers)?

The top tip here is make sure you introduce your event¬†cinematographer to the main “cast ¬†characters” (CEOs/mother-in-laws) at the beginning of the function, he can’t possibly know¬†who “Aunt Ida” is and you run the risk that she might not feature¬†in the film. Horror! So commit your celebration to film and¬†become a movie star in your own production – it’ll be your legacy¬†to the world, well at least to your nearest and dearest!