Crystal Maze Amazes London

Crystal Maze London

Remember (for those of you old enough!) that wildly popular Channel 4 cult gameshow, Crystal Maze? The one where a scary Richard O’Brien, with his gaudy blazers and super-shiny head, ran around setting tasks for 4 teams in bright boiler suits to navigate the ultimate crystal maze? Yeah, that one – it’s back! But this one is life size, being built in Central London and anyone can buy a £50 ticket to play. This is for real ( literally) and opens in March 2016.

Like the show, a quizmaster will be taking teams around four zones, Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic, before a monumental showdown in an actual Crystal Dome.

A full scale replica is being built in a 30,000 square foot venue near Kings Cross and in charge of re-inventing the space is Steve Scott, who’s worked on movies like Titanic and Die Another Day. Original host Richard O’Brien is involved in the project although it is not known yet in what role, but rumor has it that you’ll be welcomed at the entrance by his hologram!

The ambitious pioneers behind the project are Ben Hodges, Dean Rodgers and Tom Lionetti-Maguire, who set up the crowd funding campaign earlier this year and raised an unbelievable £930,000 – almost twice their original funding goal. Clearly proving that we’re hungry once more for a crystal maze challenge. Let the revival begin!!

There will also be a bars and street-food venues, ensuring a fab day out with friends. So why not revisit your 90’s self, and conquer the challenge that is…THE CRYSTAL MAZE!

Tickets are available by calling the hotline on: 08448718805.

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