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Cocktails and Concoctions with Liquid Chefs…Good Times with a capital “G & T”!

The Martini: the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.” H. L. Mencken

Cocktail hour, that magical and bewitching time of day, brought back to life partly by Mad Men and the fifties-rage that has ensued. No special event feels like it’s really kicked off unless one is holding a delicate-stemmed glass filled with a delicious liquid concoction. Colourful and heady – sometimes exotic, sometimes very blunt, sometimes stuffed with tropical shrubbery – the cocktail heralds the beginning of Good Times with a capital “G”. Bartenders everywhere are sizzling with innovation and originality – in New York the cocktails a la mode have a slightly savoury feel (moving on from the tea-slash-bergamot cocktails of last season). And then of course, there’s the popular movement in mixology infusions which continues to mesmerize and delight worldwide.

For savoury, think the slicker, cooler older cousins of The Margarita cocktail, with her retro salted glasses; The Pisco Sour – a Peruvian classic, The Basil Martini or even The Cucumber Rosemary Gin and Tonic. Bar-wizards today aren’t past pouring pure saline syrup into more common drinks like Sangria or Campari, the salt tempers bitterness and accentuates flavours.

Molecular mixology brings the “shake and stir” in cocktaildom to a new frontier. Becoming extremely popular in the UK currently, it’s a technique which allows the beverage-tinkerer to alter the combination and intensity of flavours, as well as the appearance of the cocktail itself! Perfect gems of glistening,  vibrantly coloured little bubbles made of different essences float in the drink. It tastes extraordinary, it looks spectacular.

Liquid Chefs, the international designer bar and drinks experts, can turn any party into a cocktail extravaganza or simply blend in and mix your drinks. They will transport a bar scene environment to your venue – you choose the theme and let the Chefs do the rest! Or for a totally different experience, have Liquid Chefs provide a masterclass, for you and an intimate group, in how to construct your favorite tipple!

Cocktails are back in vogue thanks to Don Draper and his mates! Come on, fancy a drink? Surely it’s five o’clock somewhere!

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