Charles Petillon transforms Covent Garden – up, up and away!

Charles Petillon

Get yourselves down to Covent Garden, for a breathtaking art installation by Charles Petillon.

Covent Garden is set to be transformed for a month from August 27th by the French artist Charles Petillon. The market will turn into a fun balloon-filled arena of 100,000 giant latex white glowing balloons of different sizes. This is a first for the artist, both in creating an installation for the public and for his first ever work showcased outside of France.

Charles Petillon will need 25 people to help inflate the 100,ooo balloons, expected to take 5 days after which the 50 metre sculpture will be ready to install.

The installation, called Heartbeats is being set up in the South hall, to resemble a floating cloud across the ceiling of the market building. The pulsating white lights will symbolize the beating heart and reflect the history, energy and dynamism of the area.

We love the use of balloons for events, a really inexpensive and yet effective way to both decorate a room and make a statement. Our resident planner and Source partner, Aron Schlagman of WHiTEPAPER event agrees; “I have used balloons several times this year for events – usually the larger 4ft or 5ft versions, which are great when filling a ceiling or as part of an installation that when hung correctly, looks as though its floating in mid air. I also had a touching moment when, for one event, we then took the balloons and released them in to the sky in memory of a family member who was not there to share the event”

We can’t wait to visit Covent Garden!

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