Champagne on demand – Gett Cliquot!

Champagne delivered

Taxi app Gett’s new service, delivers chilled bottles of champagne on demand – a perfect solution for the busy Londoner.

Bubbly on demand? Well now you can order Champagne and drink it all within 10 minutes if you live in the Capital. A new app has just launched providing a delivery service for thirsty Londoners similar to Uber.

The on demand service is a new venture for Gett, the london based black cab company and founded in¬†Tel Aviv has partnered with Veuve Clicquot for what it calls the “first of many new products” that will be available via the app. ¬†Champagne lovers in Shoreditch, the City, Belgravia and Kensington can trial the app at a touch of a button from 4pm -10pm every day. After downloading the Gett App you are directed to a live screen where you can view the bottles of champagne moving around the city and like Uber, watch your bottle arrive at its destination – chilled and two flutes in tow!

How convenient for a spontaneous get together with friends or family, a romantic night in,  to order during a dinner party or simply just because! Who needs an excuse for a glass of bubbly!

The service costs £50 including delivery. The bubbly will be delivered by people who are learning The Knowledge in order to qualify as a licenced Hackney Carriage driver.


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