The Cadbury Cream Egg Pop up Cafe comes to London!

Cadburys cream egg pop up cafe

Not Just for Easter- The Cadbury Creme Egg Pop up Cafe

With the festive season over, we find inspiration in an onslaught of Cadbury Creme Eggs!!  A Cadbury Cream Egg Pop up Cafe dedicated to the iconic, gooey treat opens 22 January, an egg-cellent activity for these freezing days. Normally confined to boxes near shop tills, the confection is ready for it’s close up in the form of a three story cafe in Soho and will be served as never before.  Creme Egg toastie, anyone?

Booking is now open though Eventbrite. We’re guessing it’ll get booked up pretty swiftly so you better get cracking.

26 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 5DE. January 22–March 6.  Fridays 5pm–9pm, Saturdays and Sundays 2pm–6pm.

The pop up shop concept is what elevates the otherwise unremarkable experience of eating chocolate into something worth experiencing with family and friends.

Reimagining our treat enjoying experience is something that Pan-N-Ice has perfected. Their ice cream prep is, in fact, theatre. Metal spades move lightning fast to create an enticing display of ice cream rolls in 60 seconds. Watching is half the fun and the enjoyment begins before the first spoonful is eaten. Like pop ups,  Pan-N-Ice can work their magic from anywhere so elevating your event to a stratospheric level is simple.

Partner brand Kerb knows mobile food and they do it to perfection.  Their 50 various street food vendors dish out delightful delicacies all over London and in addition to serving the working masses on their lunch breaks, they are available for hire at events. Imagine transferring your party into a mini street food fair with trucks, kiosks and stands! The food becomes the entertainment ensuring happy guests all around.

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