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Running Bandit Productions is a film production studio based in Berkshire co-founded by Abigail Weston and Nick Alexander.
Our aim is to produce visually dynamic footage that captures the essence and fun of an experience and fantastic memories for you. The idea was born from an ambition to tell great stories and create unique experiences with the perfect soundtrack or music video!
Our crew shoot to capture great stories - parties – bar mitzvahs - festivals - yachts - weddings - brands and fun.
We are great believers in the idea that anything is possible with the right soundtrack, so if you have an idea for something, get in touch with Running Bandit productions!


  • Bryony Culbertson, Senior Party Planner at Simon Liebel Designs:
    'Regardless of the occasion many people now count some form of videography as an essential part to any important social gathering. We live in a digital age and having recorded memories which capture happy times with our family and friends are incredibly special, as such, you only want to entrust their documentation to the right people. This is where Abigail and Nick come in; their utterly professional but seriously fun, can-do and friendly approach promotes relaxed and happy clients and guests. Their attention to detail and technical skill means that every video they produce not only makes you an immortal rockstar (!) but is a faithful keepsake you’ll want to treasure forever.'
  • REWIND South Festival 2015- David Heartfield, CEO at Impresario Festivals :
    ‘Running Bandit captured our biggest and longest running festival this year- Rewind South. We were most impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism of the team. The final video was finished to the highest standard and really captured the fun and energy of the festival. We would highly recommend Running Bandit as a fun and unique way to capture the essence of what makes an event so special.’

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