Maid Of Gingerbread

Custom Cakes, biscuits & gingerbread sculptures


Based in East London, Emily is known for her gingerbread building expertise and original cake designs. If you're looking for something truly spectacular and a little bit different, that's what Maid Of Gingerbread does best. From towers of edible boxes filled with personalised biscuits to edible sculptural recreations of products, her sweet creations are as delicious as they are eye catching.

Currently supplying Fortnum & Mason, previous clients include ITV, Kensington Palace and D & AD.


  • When Maid Of Gingerbread delivered 400 D&AD logo biscuits to the student awards ceremony we were all taken aback. I had a feeling they would be good but the care and attention to detail they had put into each biscuit was incredible. you sometimes worry that taste could be compromised when playing with novelty food ideas but not in this case, they were delicious!
    They provided a really cost effective dessert option for our standing event that captured the D&AD logo perfectly. I also saw lots of guests putting them in their pockets to take home which was a nice touch. - Jane, events manager D&AD
  • Wow. Just, WOW! - Kate, a bride.

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