Your Love is in the Detail.


Eladore is bold. Original. Different. Created by Jewellery Artist Ellie Stickland as the brand to compliment her more creative work. We specialise in creating unique and wonderful engagement rings, eternity rings, anniversary jewellery all bespoke to peoples personalities. Our collections are Ellie’s personal and more unique take on classic engagement ring styles, using unique design features and especially colour. Our motto when it comes to choosing an engagement ring is to make it what you want; it doesn’t have to be a classic white diamond solitaire. Our pieces are for those that want something that little bit different, maybe a little or maybe a lot; but most importantly they are for people that want to share their own story and feelings to the people they love or even for themselves


  • "Ellie's inspirational ideas and creativity that were captured within the final product were absolutely wonderful. She provided an excellent service and was a delight to work with. Ellie spent a great deal of time designing the perfect engagement ring for us, which has been held in very high regard by many friends and family. The design involved mapping out our engagement day walk along the Great Wall of China, it has captured many aspects of the route and makes it ever so special that at every glance it reminds us of that special day. The ring design was very true to life and when we saw the ring for the first time it was as if it had jumped off the page with our expectations being far surpassed. Given our delight with the end product we requested designs from Ellie for my wife's wedding ring too and the idea that Ellie suggested was for an interlocking ring, this provided the perfect finish and the combination of the rings are incredible. Additionally, she was incredibly patient when it came to choosing a diamond for the ring, and provided guidance which ensured the best quality in keeping with the original budget. I would highly recommend Ellie, it truly was very personalised and a high quality service."
  • I bought a polka dot engagement ring, although not as an engagement ring! I meant to contact you earlier and say how beautiful the ring is and how delighted I am with it. I love jewellery especially rings so I have high standards! Thank you for creating such a special ring. Best wishes.


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An Added Extra

By quoting the source when enquiring you are entitled to 10% off all collection pieces.