Beautiful nails are just a ‘spray can nail polish’ away!


The manicure world is about to be spun on its head by The Paint Can. Nails Inc. is releasing the world’s first spray can nail polish later this week. Yes,¬†you read it right! Just spray your nails for 20 seconds, let them dry and then wash your hands (or feet) with soap and water – or if you’re on the go, wet wipes will work just as well. Best of all, you don’t need to remove the last coat – in a rush, you just spray¬†and go!¬†Marie Claire reports that this is¬†the future of nails and¬†Vogue UK‘s beauty editor said¬†it was “quick, easy – but most importantly, fun!”.¬†So spray it, don’t say it – it’s¬†the new generation of nail art, innovation at its best. The Paint Can will be available from November 12th for approximately ¬£10.

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