Bantam Bagel Balls

bantam bagel balls

New York has always been the home of the perfect bagel. Now think of that NYC taste in tiny weenie bite-size pieces and you’ve just discovered the fabulous Bantam  Bagel Balls! Stuffed with different cream cheeses and fillings, both sweet and savory, it is perfect for nibbles pre-party, morning-after brunches, or even tomorrow’s office meeting.

From the classic sesame bagel and cream cheese, to the innovative French Toast (cinnamon, nutmeg, egg bagel stuffed with buttery maple syrupy cream cheese), to the sublime invention of The Hangover (cheddar cheese and egg bagel stuffed with bacon cheddar cream cheese), bagel balls are the must have treat of the moment; and the good news is they’re so miniature that you can allow yourself to sample several. Always a bonus! My personal bagel ball fave has to be the Pretzel Salt Bagel stuffed with cheddar Dijon cream cheese, diminutive and delectable morsels of the ultimate comfort food. Scrumptious!


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