5 Creative Kids Table Ideas

kids table ideas


“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

Child guests often are the visual highlight of a wedding, ceremonies are all the more special with cherub-like beings hanging around, so is the dance floor and let’s not talk about the endless photo opportunities! But once the posing is done, what to do with these kids (I’m talking below age 10) so that they don’t hog the limelight with tantrums and so their parents get to actually enjoy the festivities too?

Of course, an entertainer of any sort is a bonus but even this can’t last the entire duration of the event. And the kids do need feeding at some point and therefore must be seated. So one absolutely must exert some effort and inspiration into an imaginative children’s table and herein lies the secret – a busy kid is a quiet kid. Or quieter! So no matter what other activities you’ve laid on for the juniors, their table must be enticing, inventive and innovative. Remember, a couple of nannies employed to sit at the table and supervise is always an advantage and will certainly be worth the extra cost.

Here are our 5 top ideas for a creative kids table:

  1. Bring the classic game of “I SPY” up a notch by making it interactive. Each setting should have a disposable camera and a list of things to look for and photograph throughout the night – for example, “a bubbly drink” or a “big white dress” and tick off a list. Of course, these cameras are collected at the end of the night. What a novel way to keep kids busy throughout the night AND you get to develop all those bonus pics after the wedding!
  1. Each child is offered fancifully-packaged coloured pencils or crayons with a colouring/activity book. But wait! Not just any activity book! Get one customised for the actual wedding – feature pictures of, and word-searches about, the couple and their special day! Also a great way to preserve memories!
  1. Make the table-cloth itself a fun-filled activity. On the same track of customisation, one can get paper table cloths printed for the children to colour in, with images of you and your dates and details included. Kids will go crazy for drawing “on the actual table” and this could be partially-framed afterwards an a momento of the day!
  1. Bring a classic twist to proceedings by placing travel-sized games on the table. Have the kids occupy themselves and each other with mini sets of snakes and ladders, tic-tac-toe , a  mini etch-a-sketch or even the ever-popular bucket of Lego!
  1. And finally, a kids favourite pastime must be respected – the constant lusting after sweets and goodies! So apart from incorporating all sorts of candy in the table decor, organise for each child to have his own bag of colourful, even customised treats. Or take it a step further and provide a crepe or cupcake stand where the kids can decorate their own!

Whichever way you choose to go, the rule of thumb is : the busier the kids the more fun the adults will have! So be as creative as your own inner child can be and have fun with it!!

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