The Chinese New Year – the year of the monkey party.

chinese new year

Stop monkeying around and get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is around the corner and the Year of the Monkey promises to be a prosperous, entertaining and thrilling one! In China this holiday is also know as “The Festival of Spring”, so think buds on branches, light food and bright decor.

The must-have colour scheme has got to be red, red, red – stemming from the custom of giving friends and family dainty red envelopes filled with coins for affluence in the coming year. That’s a good place to start  – these are perfect place-settings at tables. Also your red paper lanterns are essential and lend themselves to an oriental atmosphere, as would dragon dancers,  music, Chinese feasts and fire-crackers!

Sounds too much? The Source will take control. The cutting-edge one-stop-shop to pull off THE Chinese New Year party of 2016, with a bona fide coterie of entertainers, caterers, florists, prop specialists and photographers, our extensive directory is a must when planning any party.

Your seating, your lighting, dining ware, relevant statues, can all be sourced at Farley‘s – a cutting-edge prop hire company with experts who will create the superlative setting for your party. Diamondesque Productions will send a dance troop and entertainers to enthrall your guests with moves and costumes, which will lend themselves totally to the theme of your festivities. Why not commit the entire event to prosterity by hiring a cinematographer? Gavsy Media will ensure all special moments are included in your film, and will work alongside you to create a finished product that you will love to watch over and over. Those memories can never fade.

Now for the food; fish is a must for Chinese New Year as the Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for surplus (eating fish is believed to bring a surplus of money and good luck in the coming year). And let’s not forget our mouth-watering Chinese favourites! Dumplings, spring rolls, noodles, duck pancakes, glutinous rice cakes, and sweet rice balls! But don’t stress, help is at hand in the form of Philip Small Catering, he will work with you to design and then execute your version of a sumptuous Chinese banquet. From delectable finger-food delicacies at cocktail hour to a three-course sit down meal with an asiatic twist. Or go with a more hands on approach and get Rachel from Rachel’s  Kitchen involved – a vibrant and innovative chef who gives personal cooking lessons tailored to your needs. Your guests get to learn to cook a Chinese meal, then enjoy a repast together to usher in the new year, doesn’t get more exclusive!

A popular Chinese tradition: fortune cookies at the end of a meal, it could be the perfect take-home gift. Wrap them in a ribbon, even get the typed message/wish inside customised for your  guests (Search Etsy, obvs!), such details show such care. Another Chinese tradition is to come home with your future wife at New Years , so much pressure is put on men by their families that the “Hire-a-girlfriend-for-new-year” is a genuine, fast-growing business in China! For real! The Source cannot help you with that service but we can make sure that we put on the most phenomenal and memorable party for you – who knows, you might meet your future spouse there! With Valentine’s just a minute away as well…..Meanwhile, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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